RJE celebrated at the EFIC Christmas Party last week at Electra House. A great evening was had by all. We would like to thank the team at EFIC for not only their hospitality on the night but also their wonderful support in 2016.
RJE Global was contracted to design, construct and commission a diesel fuel power station. The building was designed and fabricated by RJE Global in Adelaide. Under the Micronesia contract, RJE Global was required to provide a performance bond for 100 per cent of the contract value, US$6.27 million. EFIC provided the Performance Bond to that value which supported the power station upgrade in the Federated States of Micronesia. EFIC was also able to step in and provide a A$3 million Export Working Capital Guarantee, giving the company access to sufficient funding to meet the equipment delivery costs associated with an Indonesian contract that we have. Without EFIC’s support we would have been unable to access the finance we needed to undertake these two substantial projects in the Asia-Pacific which has in turn kept many South Australians employed.