Paul has broad experience in all corporate governance matters including company law, risk and strategy, legal environment, governance and risk, and effective communications.

Paul has over 14 years of experience working within the high voltage & power engineering sector both with a utility (transmission/distribution) and with a construction contractor. Within that time Paul has worked as a Company Director (Offshore Entities), Chief Operating Officer (COO), General Manager, and as a High Voltage Electrical Engineer. Paul has a proven track record in effective communication with a commitment to quality both professionally and personally. Paul has strong organizational and leadership skills with a keen interest in corporate strategic planning and risk mitigation.

Paul is highly experienced in commercial and general business management including being responsible for overall business P&L. Paul has a keen interest in business development, relationship building, strategic partnerships and international development.


GAICD, Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors.

BEEE, Bachelors Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Hons), University College Cork (UCC)

CBA with C.I.M.A


As part of the Senior Management Team within RJE Global, Paul brings a broad range of skills and diverse experience to the company. Through his time in Southeast Asia Paul has been exposed to various stages of business establishment and business development, this also extends to areas within project development, financing and project execution.

Paul’s experience with international business, international projects and establishment of strategic partnerships assists RJE Global with maintaining and growing our international portfolio.

Within Australia, Paul has undertaken several business improvement initiatives with RJE Global aimed at boosting efficiencies, reporting requirements, governance obligations, financial and project management. These initiatives were taken under guidance from Company Directors and are aimed at improving profitability and sustainability of RJE Global’s core business.


Paul reports directly to the Company Directors and is primarily responsible for a broad range of areas including (but not limited to); general business management, commercial management, project financial management, contract management. Throughout these areas Paul has implemented a number of measuring, reporting and improvement initiatives.