THE CHALLENGE | Design, manufacture, fit out and deliver five switch rooms across Melbourne, Victoria, some within the CBD on sensitive sites, 1 building split in two to avoid sensitive site flora due to site size limitations, implementation of architectural features to external wall cladding.

AC to DC converter station for the Melbourne Metro Light Rail system, the buildings accommodate 11kV AC Switchgear, 2.6mW Rectifier transformer, DC Rectifier and a number of DC Circuit breakers and isolators. Switchroom building structure, including building sub-frame and cladding, structural support columns and bracing, external platforms, walkways, grating and stairs, building air conditioning services and fire detection.

RJE were also responsible for the supply, installation, termination and pre-energisation testing of interconnecting cabling, inter-panel wiring and cable support system and energisation. Functional testing and commissioning and training prior to delivery were also held in the RJE factory with end client and operations team.

RJE were responsible for the delivery of the buildings to their selected site Melbourne.

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