Gorontolo Power Station BOP

THE CHALLENGE | The challenge was to supply a pre-commissioned modular solution for fuel handling storage and treatment for liquid fuel to two gas turbines.

The FuelBLOCK module firstly unloads tanker trucks and transfers the raw liquid fuel to storage tanks. It removes water and particulates from the raw fuel using centrifuge separation and transfers the clean fuel to storage tanks. The FuelBLOCK then delivers the clean fuel to gas turbines or reciprocating engine. Other equipment available for operation with the FuelBLOCK module include 85kL fuel storage tanks complete with level control and safety shut off valves and final filtration skids for gas turbines.

Developing the design criteria for the FuelBLOCK involved providing a complete site liquid fuel unloading, fuel polishing & fuel delivery solution to supply the fuel requirements to achieve 100% redundancy while delivering fuel for 2* TM2500 gas turbines or equivalent to run at 100% load.

The system removes the requirement to site install a number of third-party components. In addition, the system includes enough fuel storage in ISO 85,000 litre tanks including for not only the site commissioning requirements but for the generation plant to run at 50% load for 24 hours. Another key design criteria as is the case for all RJE’s Gen Block products is the requirement to be multi-voltage & 50/60 Hz compatible. The key point is the system can be

The key point is the system can be rolled out in under 2 weeks from arriving in country.

Rated Fuel Flow – 14400l/h (2 outlets @ 7200l/h)
Rated Delivery Pressure – 210kPA
Clean Fuel Quality – particle separation <5μm, fi ltration β (10μm) = 1000
Clean Fuel Storage Capacity – 2 tanks @ 85000 litres

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CLIENT NAME: GE Power and Water
END USER: PT PLN (Persero)
LOCATION: Gorontolo, Indonesia
INDUSTRY CATEGORY: Power Distribution
CONTRACT TYPE: Design and Construct
UPDATES: April 2015 to September 2015