Clare Solar Farm

THE CHALLENGE | RJE Global was awarded a contract to deliver a fully operational 130MW Solar
Power Plant in Clare, Northern Queensland.

Completed Clare Solar Farm in Northern QLD

The upgrade involved the installation of an 11kV Switchboard, supply and installation of two 1,000 kVA distribution transformers and replacement of the 400 V distribution system. RJE carried out the following turnkey services compliant with IEC standards:

There were 69000 ground mount piles which the fully traceable system and 390,000 Trina PV panels were constructed on.

The following equipment was installed; DC & AC cabling (trenching underground and cable ladder above ground), including terminations. MV cable terminations and MV reticulation system testing. DC Isolator Boxes. IPC piercing connectors, connecting the DC Bus directly to the PV harness at every table. Installed, clipped and connected the PV harness cables. Communication cable RS485 and an AC supply cable for the operation of the tracker motors, which was connected to the local meteorological stations. Installed the back-bone fibre optic system back to the SCADA panel in the main O & M Building. Installation of Earthing and CCTV systems.

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CLIENT NAME: Downer EDI Engineering Power Pty Ltd
END USER: Fotowatio Renewable Ventures
LOCATION: Clare, Queensland
INDUSTRY CATEGORY: Energy & Renewables
CONTRACT DETAILS: Design, Construct, Install, Commission
UPDATES: June 2017 - February 2018