Yangon General Hospital Substation

THE CHALLENGE | Upgrade the existing electrical infrastructure of Yangon General Hospital. Install new greenfield substation within 90 days to improve the electrical stability and capacity of the hospital services.

Completed greenfield substation in Yangon, Myanmar.

The upgrade involved the installation of an 11kV Switchboard, supply and installation of two 1,000kVA distribution transformers and replacement of the 400V distribution system. RJE carried out the following turnkey services compliant with IEC standards:

  • Site clearing, civil works, earthing system, fencing, lighting, auxiliary services.
  • Civil design for substation building and site layout
  • Electrical design including protection and control systems, cable scheduling and SCADA/HMI integration.
  • Installation and commissioning of 2 x 1000kVA power transformers, switchboard, 400V switchgear, HV cabling, protection cabinet, SCADA cabinet and control system and capacitor bank.

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CLIENT NAME: Myanmar Ministry of Health
END USER: Yangon General Hospital
LOCATION: Yangon General Hospital, Bo Gyoke Road, Yangon
INDUSTRY CATEGORY: Substation, Utility
CONTRACT TYPE: Lump Sum Contract
UPDATES: July 2017